JX11H/JX58X High-standard steam trap valve
*Adopts lever structure, has good impermeability and durability
*Balance double seat design, than the average hydrophobic body small volume and large displacement, large displacement field and can play a more advantages
*Equipped with air discharge valve, can prevent air blocking and steam vapor lock
*All the components are installed on the valve body, valve need not removed from the piping can maintenance, easy and convenient
  • Technical parameter
  • Installation dimensions
  • Model description
  • Working Principle
  • lever steam trap darwings


    Spare parts and materials

     No.  Spare parts  Materials  No.  Spare parts   Materials
     1  valve body  WCB  11  support cap  304
     2  Hexagon nut  35#  12  stem  304
     3  hexagon bolt  35#  13  seal cover  304
     4  PTFE  PTFE  14  float ball  304
     5  PTFE  PTFE  15  hexagon bolt  304
     6  support  304  16  Rotating block  304
     7  bonnet  WCB  17  Limit block  304
     8  Meter screws  304  18  Connecting block  304
     9  Seal seat  304  19  Spring washer  304
     10  inner hexagon screw  304  20  hexagon nut  304




    Valve type





     Free floating ball type






     Free floating ball type






     Lever float type






     Inverted bucket

    Connection type





     Flange type





     Butt welding type





     Plug in welding





     Internal screw thread




















     Stainless steel

    Float type trap, flange connection, nominal diameter DN50, nominal pressure PN16, material WCB

  • Lever steam trap

    Lever ball float type steam trap biggest advantage is not affected by pressure, temperature, condensation water flow fluctuations, continuous drainage, water line, the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C, can make the heating equipment to achieve the best efficiency; lever ball float type steam trap valve seat total in the level below, forming a water seal, no leakage of steam; the minimum working pressure 0.01Mpa, the maximum back pressure rate is less than or equal to 85%; with internal exhaust device, lever ball float type steam trap valve adopts the most advanced membrane components for automatic air discharge valve can automatically exclude non condensable gases, very sensitive, work quality is high, service life long. The trap design has balanced two seat structure, can achieve a large displacement of small size, especially for large heating equipment and heat transfer station equipment, gas drainage resistance, large heating equipment of choice for steam traps.

    The use of double valve valve hole, the valve core in the valve opening pressure is relatively reduced, resulting in large displacement. When the change of the float with the liquid level of the valve cavity on the floating lever to open or close the valve seat. Because the seat seal hole is formed below the water level, water, natural gas separation, to no leakage of steam.