JX990 Wafer soft sealing butterfly valve
*Soft sealing butterfly valve to the clamp of the diameter of the butterfly plate installed in pipeline direction

*flow control components, textile printing and dyeing

*petrochemical, food, beverage, water treatment, air conditioning, pharmaceutical, paper making and so on are very widely used in many fields
  • Technical parameter
  • Installation dimensions
  • Model description
  • Working Principle
  •  Size  DN40~DN500mm
     Normial pressure  PN16/25/40,10K,20K,150LB/300LB
     Applicable temperature -10℃~+150
     Applicable medium  water,oil,gas
     Connection  Flange wafer
     Body material  Cast iron,WCB,304,304L,316,316L
     Plate material  304,304L,316,316L
     Actuator  electric ,pneumatic , manual






     Single spring film


    Multi spring film


    Piston type single action


    Double acting piston









     Conntection type 


    Flange type


     Welding type


     Clamp type


     Lug type

     Sealing ring material


     High temperature PTFE


    High temperature rubber


     Normal temperature rubber


     Cemented carbide


    Bulk material











     Body material













     Butterfly plate material












    folder type butterfly valve, multi spring diaphragm actuator wafer type, high temperature PTFE, nominal diameter DN100, nominal pressure PN10, body material WCB, the butterfly plate material 304

  • The structure of the pneumatic butterfly valve


      Pneumatic butterfly valve consists of pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve uses circular disc that rotates along valve stem to open or close. Pneumatic valve that realizes opening action is main used as block valve, it also can be designed to have adjustment function or be the section valve with regulating function. At present, butterfly valve is more and more used in pipeline that has low pressure and large-middle diameter .Pneumatic butterfly valve categories: stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve, hard sealing pneumatic butterfly valve, soft sealing pneumatic butterfly valve, carbon steel material pneumatic butterfly valve.

     The working principle of pneumatic butterfly valve


       Butterfly valve has simple structure, small volume, light weight, only a few parts. And only need to rotate 90 ° can it rapidly open or close, operation is simple,at the same time, the electric valve has good fluid control characteristics. When butterfly valve is in fully open position, the butterfly plate thickness is the only resistance for medium flowing through the body, thus pressure drop produced by the valve is small, so it has good flow control characteristics. Butterfly valves have elastic packing and metal hardware sealing two types. Elastic sealing valve, it’s sealing ring can be embedded in the body or attached to the butterfly plate peripheral. If butterfly valve is used for flow control, the main job is to choose size and type of valve rightly. Structure principle of butterfly valve is especially suitable for production of large diameter valves. Butterfly valve is widely used not only in the oil, gas, chemical industry, water treatment and other general industrial, but also in cooling water system of thermal power plants.